Friday, March 9, 2007

Dragon Art

My daughter loves dragons. She has shelves full of figurines, books, calendars, and a portfolio full of dragon drawings and paintings dating back to when she was six or seven. She can explain in detail the differences between eastern and western dragons, basilisks and wyverns, winged and serpentine dragons. She has a particular fondness for European dragons, with their glowering expressions and enormous bat-like wings.

The painting above is one she did last Saturday afternoon when her art instructor came in and said one of the downtown galleries was having a Chinese New Year festival and needed Chinese dragon art for the walls, and needed it immediately, that afternoon. "I don't usually do Chinese dragons," my daughter said, "but I'll try." The finished piece, matted to 8x10, is now hanging at Art Colony Gallery in Haynie's Corner in the Evansville Arts District downtown. Am I proud of my kid or what?

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