Saturday, May 19, 2007

Now It's a Garden

After last week's post Dragonstar and I headed up to the local plant and produce store to get ourselves some tomato plants. The selection wasn't good, but we managed to find three worthy specimens as well as a very pretty bell pepper all aflower. Once home, we tucked them into the dirt and pronounced it good.

And isn't that lettuce just the prettiest? We tried a new kind of sowing system this year: just strew it and forget about it. The result: lots of luscious plants growing cheek by jowl, no room for weeds to sneak in, and a delicious variety of tastes in every handful. Can't get Dragonstar to eat it, tho. She's not a lettuce kind of girl. But wait until those sugar snap peas mature. She'll be having breakfast right off the vine.

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