Friday, June 15, 2007

Left Brain Right Brain Bug Brain

In my morning web wanderings I came across an essay at Life Without School that explores the difficulties encountered by right-brain learners in left-brain world. An excerpt:

"Mass institutions of education teach in a left-brained fashion. They use such formats as sequential scope and sequence resources, short-term memorization, part to whole "show me" steps, and verbal-based written work. There is nothing inherently wrong with this process, as there are a group of people who function best with this style, but there is an equal group of people who learn in an exact opposite manner. Right-brained people learn best with random interest-based resources, long-term association, whole to part conceptual formats, and visual pictorial mental work. Because our schooling systems are "no fault zones", they are prone to labeling these children who learn differently than they instruct as ... disordered, broken, or learning disabled."

I believe I've met some of those children, and their parents: mothers in particular who were desperate to find another explanation for why their child was having so much trouble learning to read. If you know one of those parents, pass along the link above.

In other news: we were paid a visit by this young katydid the other day. Brilliant transluscent green, about three inches long from antennae to rear legs. Dragonstar jumped a foot into the air when it finally launched itself from the rear window of my car and made off across the lawn.

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