Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dragonstar's Bouquet

Shasta daisies and red yarrow from the back yard and a sprig of mint from her mint bed on the south side of the house, tucked into an empty bottle of Spanish olive oil brought back from a BBPiT European tour in 2001.

The shastas have grown very tall this year, and are producing scads of blossoms, and until the blast of heat in June we had lots of spiderwort and Asian day flowers. But the lack of rain and temperatures in the 90s have taken a toll. The only other plant that's really flourishing is the bamboo that came up alongside the compost bin last year, and is now thick and green and forms a nice barrier between the bin and the neighbor's line of sight.

We're trying to have a lazy week, after our busy-ness of last week at Patchwork Central's summer art program, and the anticipation of more busy-ness next week when I'm scheduled to lead a session there on creative journaling. In the interim Dragonstar has been working on timed writing exercises with an Instant Messenger buddy and I'm noodling at my art table wondering what to tackle next.

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