Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Look at My Finger, Look at the Moon

Dragonstar and I got up this morning to see the BBPiT off on his latest musical journey -- accompanying a pair of up-and-coming country artists on their first tour outside of the States -- and as a bonus we got to see the lunar eclipse.

We sat in the grass out front, binoculars in our hands, and in the company of a scraggly black and white neighbor cat we call Old Man, we watched the moon disappear.

Once it had set below the tree line, we jumped into the car and went to the river, where the view was unobstructed, and watched the sky until the light of day made it impossible to see where the moon had been.

Pre-dawn is a contemplative time, the moon itself offering only reflective light. Or none at all. We sat near the place where my art gallery had been, and I noted that the building now houses an Apostolic ministry. From one Church of Creation to another.

Dragonstar and I sat for a while in the cool of the morning and scoured the sky for signs of the moon, and finding none, came back home, and went back to bed.

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