Sunday, September 2, 2007


Pomodoros from the abundant backyard garden
of my artist friend Jenny.

I love September.

I call it the "birthing" month -- ninth month of the calendar year -- and for most of my adult life it has been the month for launching major projects and undergoing significant transitions.

Seven years ago in September I opened my coffeehouse. Three Septembers later I sold it to its current owner (and it's still going strong.) The following September our family moved into our current house (where we remain in spite of our landlord's decision last spring to sell. BBPiT says it's one of those rare occasions when our landlord's procrastination actually works in our favor.)

Last September I opened Out of Hand Studio, followed shortly by my gallery. That led to an association with ArtWorks Gallery, a downtown co-op, which in turn led to new friendships with a group of awesome creative people.

This year Dragonstar and I are marking September with a trip to North Carolina for the Live & Learn Unschoolers Conference in Black Mountain. It's our first time going, and we don't know exactly what to expect, except that we'll meet lots of enthusiastic unschoolers -- they're expecting something like 500 attendees.

So it's September: the month of fruition. We're ready for it. Outside the grass has turned to straw (to borrow an image from folksinger Patti Griffin) but in our creative gardens all sorts of juicy things are coming into ripeness.

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