Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Wee Bit Random Tonight

September ended with a crash of cymbals, a drum solo, and a long slow fade into the cricket-chirp of a new month. The BBPiT returned from Denmark and proclaimed that the Danes have it all over us in so many ways. No billboards! Universal health care! Windmills! Traffic circles! Extra letters in their alphabet!

I fear they will be under water when the polar ice caps melt, though, considering they are a country not even half the size of Ohio -- for now -- surrounded on three sides by water, barely more than a land bridge between Germany and Sweden. Apparently they did not have a winter this past year, if weather is what makes a winter. It's warmer there than it used to be, in other words, but at least no brain-eating amoeba have been discovered on the Baltic shores yet, one more point for their side.

Dragonstar has been immersed in Tamora Pierce, and I've been reading Ursula LeGuin's Tales from Earthsea and Seth Godin's blog, learning about wind mages from the one and zip cars from the other. For some reason my library shelves most of LeGuin's work in the Young Adult section (along with Tamora Pierce). Not sure why this is, though I have noticed that most of the fantasy genre fiction in the adult stacks centers on wars and medieval-esque social arrangements, two elements which are largely absent in LeGuin's work. Draw conclusions as you will. For those who are interested in tracking it down, Tales was made into an anime feature film in 2006.

And the zip car thing is a great idea, never mind the likelihood that we will all be riding horseback again (in the brave new post-petroleum world of the future) by the time they make it to my fair city.

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