Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm No Libertarian, But...

On the question of spending priorities, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul could give the Democratic contenders for the White House a lesson on straight talk. In his most recent column for The Nation online, contributing editor Robert Sheer writes:

As Rep. Paul points out, for what the Iraq war costs, we could present each family of four a check for $46,000--which exceeds the $43,000 median household income in his Texas district. He asks: "What about the impact of those costs on education, the very thing that so often helps to increase earnings? Forty-six thousand dollars would cover 90 percent of the tuition costs to attend a four-year public university in Texas for both children in that family of four. But, instead of sending kids to college, too often we're sending them to Iraq, where the best news in a long time is they [the insurgents] aren't killing our men and women as fast as they were last month."

Sheer adds this thought on universal health care:

On this matter of covering the uninsured, it should be pointed out to those who say we (alone among industrialized nations) can't afford it that we could have covered all 47 million uninsured Americans over the past six years for what the Iraq war cost us. How come that choice--war in Iraq or full medical coverage for all Americans--was never presented to the American people by the Democrats and Republicans who voted for this war and continue to finance it?

The theater of politics is a dismal slog these days. And really, was it ever not so?

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