Monday, December 31, 2007

Cups and Saucers and Some Year-End Links

Devilish cups and hypnotic saucers: I painted this when I first moved into my current house, when I was just beginning to put paint on canvas. I'd sold my coffeehouse the previous year, so perhaps it is an exorcism painting, which seems a suitable image for the end of the year, when the old goes out, and the new wanders in and pulls up a chair and asks for cream and sugar.

Anyway, on this last day of 2007, I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite places in the blog world. Places I think you might like. It's not an exhaustive list; it's a sample. A sip. A demitasse.

My favorite blogs tend to be written by dreamers, people with the ability to turn a concept into a landscape of possibilities, some practical, some less so. Like Evelyn Rodriguez at Crossroads Dispatches who has a fascinating mind. Her posts are mystical and enchanting, and beautifully illustrated. And Dave Pollard at How to Save the World. He's not really trying to save the world, exactly, but to transform it, and us. His regular Saturday links pages can keep me at my keyboard for hours.

It was through Dave Pollard that I came to know the Cassandra Pages. A recent excerpt:
At midlife, much more aware of my own mortality and the limitations of time and energy, the quest has changed: instead of trying to reach personal goals, I struggle to make the best use of whatever time and energy I have, not so much for myself, but for other people, because I've learned that giving fully and freely actually enriches my own life much more than being focussed on myself alone. (full text here)

I've also become a fan of 37 Days, and in particular, this delightful post about the author's telephone conversation with poet Billy Collins.

The Contrary Goddess is equal parts affection and exasperation, rant and compassion. "
I'm a woman, a wife, a mom, a cowgirl. I'm a seeker, a lover, a friend & thorn. I'm a horseman, husbandman, hillbilly, heathen. I am that I am."

Richard Power posts some of those most compassionate political writing on the scene today. Even if you don't like political blogs -- they wear me out, quite frankly -- there is reason to add Words of Power to your daily or weekly scroll. Excellent music videos, as well.

Oh, and one more thing. My web-wanderings have taken me to so many fascinating places this year, and thanks to Sharon B's patient illustrated instruction at In a Minute Ago I now know how to use Google Reader to subscribe to my favorite sites. Yes, I'm a woefully slow adopter of all things tech -- no cell phone, no ipod -- though here I am with a blog, and now a Google Reader page. Go figure.

I'll share a few more of my favorite places in a future post. For now, I leave you with a thought from Richard Bach, quoted in a recent post at 37 Days:

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished.
If you're alive, it isn't.

Happy New Year.

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