Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Wee Bit Random, Part II

It's raining here on the northern side of the Ohio, fast rain falling straight and true. It hits my roof with real purpose, runs in ribbons over the eaves, heedless of the gutters -- which at any rate are festooned with a season's growth of very small maple trees. There are some jobs I just don't keep up with.

I've lived in the midwest for ten years. I still find the weather disconcerting. Rain in December feels amiss, even though it's typical. The first year I was here I wrote a song about it:

It's the middle of December and nighttime comes early
My hometown in New York is on its second foot of snow
While here in Indiana the winter's barely started
And I find myself reluctant to let the autumn go...

Dragonstar and I are considering ways to celebrate Solstice, a mere two weeks away. Someone on an email list suggested a Dark Party: candles, shadow-puppets, gathering around the fireplace for winter nibbles like nuts and fruit and mugs of hot chocolate. We don't have a fireplace, but the rest of it sounds appealing.

Last night we went to a Tacky Christmas Party, where the fruitcake was front and center, and by the end of the night every slice had been eaten -- or at least taken. Perhaps the host and hostess will find it stashed and perfectly preserved between various chair and sofa cushions in the coming months.

The picture at the top of the post was taken at the Blue Ridge Center in North Carolina this past September, when the woods are at their greenest and most lush. A mere season ago; I suspect that now that path looks much like the wild corner of my back yard, with its skeletal trees and serpentine brown vines.

Yesterday we shopped for a Christmas tree in the rain. The thoughtful members of the boy scout troop that set up the lot had laid thick paths of straw through the trees, but the ground was still soggy and waterlogged. Our shoes got very wet.

We found a perfect tree. Today we'll be putting it up. I hope the rain lasts all day.


  1. That Live & Learn Conference just keeps on giving, doesn't it?



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