Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ice 2

Backyard Bird Intersection

Dragonstar, the BBPiT and I headed to Owensboro just after noon for a Valentine's Day Lunch at the famed Moonlite BBQ, where President Clinton ate to much ceremony (and was rumored to send jets to pick up BBQ -to-go while in the White House.) The most popular meat at Moonlite is mutton, of all things, and as this was my first visit there since adding meat back into my diet, I gave it a try. As did the BBPiT. Dragonstar wanted none of it. She prefers her meat two-legged and winged, thank you very much.

We followed lunch with a stop at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art to see the Spirituality in American Folk Traditions exhibit, a collection of primitive religious folk and outsider art from the past 50 or so years. Lots of pieces by folk art icon Howard Finster, and at least a half dozen carved wood depictions of Noah's ark and the Garden of Eden, along with Moses and St. Francis and several images of the Devil looking very much like an angry Tiki.

On the sunny drive over we passed under a canopies of trees still ice-coated and crystalline; by the time we came back most of the trees had shed their ice and were once again upright against the blue sky. As soon as we got home Dragonstar grabbed the camera to capture a few last images of the ice that remains:

So the thaw has arrived, and now we have to beware of falling icicles and thick sheets cascading from rooftops. Once more the world demands that we pay attention (or face the consequences of possible impalement.) Heads up!

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