Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I remember an author (and dang it I can't recall who!) writing about the difficulty of transitions -- not just the big ones, like moving or starting a new job, but the daily ones, like getting out of the shower. (It sounds like an Anne Lamott lament. Anyone?)

These last several weeks have been a study in transitions. The evolutionary biologists like to speak of "punctuated equilibrium," where things shift and settle, shift and settle, first over here, then over there. We have been walking with our "train legs" for quite awhile, trying to maintain our balance through the sway.

Meanwhile, the daffodils in our yard have reached their utmost expressiveness, and the violets are finally showing themselves, and the little stand of tulips, whose color I never remember from year to year (oh, that's right: yellow!) are all in readiness. Sort of like us.

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