Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When the Ducks Are All Lined Up...

I came across this paragraph in a recent essay by author Ron Miller on the Paths of Learning website:
When the culture shifts, when a holistic worldview finally replaces our technocracy, children and families will have access to many kinds of learning environments, and they will be free to cultivate their own personal destinies. Instead of being managed and measured, learning will be organic, more attuned to the developmental needs of children and the sustainable patterns of nature. This will be the end of schooling, and the rediscovery of genuine education.
Here's what I'm thinking: replace all the future-tense with present-tense and you might have something.

In other words, don't wait for the culture to shift; shift yourself now. Don't wait for the holistic worldview to replace technocracy. If that worldview resonates with you, embrace it now, replace that technocracy now, in whatever way, small or large, you see fit.

Change doesn't happen after we get everything set up right. Change happens as we go, moment by moment, in the decided acts of individuals who make specific choices, one at a time, day by day. Cultural change occurs in increments. Only in hindsight does it appear seismic.

Be bold. Don't wait. Do it now.

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