Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yard Art

When I first moved to southern Indiana I went driving around the countryside with my now ex-husband, commenting on the proliferation of lawn decor: little windmills and fat gnomes and a seemingly endless parade of life-size deer that sometimes appeared solo, sometimes in a little family grouping of buck, doe and fawn. Of the deer I remember saying, "Maybe people put those out to attract the real ones." A short while later we passed a yard birdbath depicting Botticelli's Birth of Venus (aka Venus on the Half Shell), and my ex quipped, "I wonder what they hope to attract with that."

Tin Kitty, above, is our only outdoor cat. She keeps watch over the vegetable garden (planted two weeks ago with sugar snap peas and lettuces) and guards the flowering weeds.

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  1. Hi There,
    Love the yard Art. I am just stopping by to say thanks for making a comment on my blog. You said you were in AZ the same time as me and I read some about your adventure. I love to travel and see new things.


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