Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Living As If...

While combing through the archives at Christine Kane's blog over the weekend I came upon a gem from August, 2006 and decided to implement one of its suggestions. (If you go to the August link, scroll down to "Your Assignment".) In short, the idea is to write your Morning Pages for one week "As If..." As if you had attained your goal, as if you were living your dream, as if you had accomplished something you set out to do.

Morning Pages are the brainchild of Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way. I've been doing them for ten years. Typically they're just a brain-dump of whatever is cluttering up my mind on any given morning. Three pages of longhand twaddle, in other words, which for some reason I find remarkably satisfying to write.

Anyway, I'm midway through my week of these "As If..." pages, and today I looked out across the back yard at my Virginia-creeper-covered garage and thought: that's my studio. Not "that will be my studio when we clear out all the crap and re-do the wiring." Not even "won't it look great when it's painted that perfect shade of green, with an arched-top cottage door and pretty flowers in all those pots." Just: there it is.

Reader, can you see it, too?

Thoughts are powerful things. As Mike Dooley at Notes from the Universe reminds me every Monday through Friday (one more reason I look forward to Mondays!), thoughts become things. So I'm spending the week on some really good ones. How about you?


  1. I can see it and that door is gorgeous...

  2. Your studio is beautiful, and so is your site.
    Both are welcome space of gentleness and inspiration. Thank you for sharing them both with us all.
    Thank you too for linking to my site
    Keep in touch, and all the best,
    Richard Power

  3. Ah, yes!
    What a lovely entry point for your sanctuary.

    Thank you for your consistency of kindness and soulfulness.

    Somehow I 'see' both your entry way and you with clarity.

  4. Thank you all for writing such sweet things about this dream space of mine. Apparently we're all quite good at creative visualization. Now if I could just figure out the new wiring...


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