Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts on the Bailout, Interrupted by a Walk

Thoughts before walking:

What's up with this $700 billion bailout?

* * *

Thoughts while walking:

Aren't you glad your legs work?
Yes. Very glad.
It's warm already. The sun feels good.
I think that bird just wolf-whistled at me.
Can a bird actually wolf-whistle?

Look at that great sunporch.
I would love to have a sunporch.

Perfect blue sky.

Those coffee trees aren't pretty, exactly. More like distinctive.
This is where we saw the bats the other night.
Car coming up behind me. Okay, now I'm self-conscious.
Does my butt look big?
Oh, never mind. Just walk.
That's really loud music coming from that Hummer. Really loud.
Why is it so loud?
Never mind. Let it be. Just walk. And breathe. Breathe big.

Look how they keep their Asian dayflowers from taking over the yard.
They cut them. Smart.
Halloween stuff out already. I like the skulls.
What a funny way to do a sidewalk, ending it in the middle of the yard like that.
Did they do that on purpose?

One more hill. Legs still working.

Oh, that was a bluejay! Where did it go? I thought it flew right into this bush, but now I don't see it.
I hear it, though. It's in there somewhere.

* * *

Thoughts after walking:

So... what's really up with this $700 billion bailout?

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  1. nice walk, thanks for the link ~ it was well written


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