Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

Jesus was a man who traveled through the land,
A hard-working man and brave.
He said to the rich, "Give your goods to the poor."
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

Woody Guthrie

Today is Blog Action Day. This year's theme is Poverty. Given the focus of the news media and the world's governments these past few weeks, all I can think is, how ironic.


  1. indeed.

    for my part, i turn to sites like freerice, kiva, and goodsearch, as ways to help alleviate poverty online.

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it's great that you're participating. :)

  2. Woodie apparently didn't grasp the true meaning of the Christ's encounter with the rich ruler. Nor why he was he put "in the grave".


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