Friday, October 31, 2008


I bought candy for the tricksters but I forgot to turn my porch light on, so I was bypassed, and now I have a bowl of Kitkats to keep me company this evening. I've put them out of reach in the kitchen, but I know where the step stool is. We'll see how I do.

We're still a couple hours shy of the midnight hour so I'm jumping the gun just a little but I can't wait any longer to wish my daughter a Happy 13th birthday. The cake is cooling on the rack (more chocolate!) and there will be pizza tomorrow. Tonight she's celebrating with her dad. When she comes home she'll be a teenager.

We colored her hair a vibrant red. If I'm lucky tomorrow she'll let me take her picture.

The image above is of a mask she created for me at this year's Live & Learn conference. I wore it to the Masquerade Ball on the last night of the conference, when we all gathered in the big hall to dance to Abba and the Village People.

I miss my unschooler buds. As the nights grow chilly I long for autumn bonfires and stargazing with my tribe. Some of them are gathering in Tennessee this weekend. We're there in spirit.

Tomorrow the BBPiT and I are up early to attend a campaign event with Joe and Jill Biden. Apparently the Democrats believe this traditionally Red State is still up for grabs. We haven't gone blue in these parts since 1964. I remember feeling hopeful on the eve of the '92 election, and silly me, I'm hopeful once more. We'll see.

Have a spirit-filled weekend.

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