Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stay Hungry

A friend of mine is standing on the cusp of a life-changing opportunity, and I'm coming up for air long enough to ask you to do something quick and easy to help her cross the line.

Here's the story: Author Daniel Pink's latest book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: the Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need, offers six lessons for success. After reading the book, inquiring Bunko fans wondered what a seventh lesson might be.

Imagine a contest, a winnowing, a final three. Imagine a chance to vote for the best one of the three.

Imagine the prize for the winner: an all-expenses paid trip to the 2009 TED Global Conference in Oxford, UK.

Enter my friend Becky. Her entry is one of the three finalists. According to Becky, Lesson #7 is: Stay Hungry.

You can visit the Lesson Seven website she created where she makes the case for staying hungry. You can check out (and download) this free Stay Hungry e-book, put together and made available by Becky and a few of her fans/friends.

Most important, you can vote to send this amazing woman on her first trip across the pond to one of the most inspiring, creative, talked-about conferences ever launched.

But you have to do it now. Voting ends on January 15th. That's either tomorrow (if you're reading this Wednesday night) or today (if you're reading this Thursday. ) If it's after Thursday by the time you read this... I'm too late in asking.

And in case you're wondering who this Becky person is, you can go here to read about her and here to read a bit of her work. And go here to read what another of her friends has posted.

And then go here to vote. Thanks.

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