Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ten Sites Worth a Visit

Kivyn at Tangled Hill has included Crooked Mile in a roundup of ten blogs with "great attitude or gratitude," bestowing a Lemonade Award upon the lot of us. I'd not heard of this award before, but a lot passes under my radar. I like the cute logo. Makes me think of summer and a nice tall glassful.

Tangled Hill is an unschooler's blog, and it occurred to me as I browsed her list that I haven't written much here about unschooling lately. (Dave at How to Save the World gave me a similar nudge in a comment on this post.) I am writing about it elsewhere, but that hardly helps us here and now, does it?

Okay. When the universe taps you on the shoulder (twice, in my case) it's a good idea to pay attention. So beginning next week you can expect some unschooling posts to be cropping up along the Mile as I finish that Big Writing Project and turn it into something you can hold in your hands. Meanwhile (because I know you don't have enough to read already) here is my own list of ten blogs and websites worth a click, a wildly divergent assortment for wildly divergent minds. (Like yours.)

1. The Art of Nonconformity. Chris Guillebeau's adventures in unconventional living.

2. The Communicatrix. Where does she get the energy?

3. The Cassandra Pages. Go now and read her series on the inauguration of President Obama. If you couldn't be in D.C., she'll make you feel as though you were.

4. Pace and Kyeli. Living, thinking, writing (and unschooling) in Austin, Texas.

5. Ornamental. Nina Bagley creates astonishing art and soulful writing from her perch in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

6. Crossroads Dispatches. Evelyn Rodriguez's (altogether too) infrequent posts are well worth the wait.

7. Passing Thru. Betsy Wuebker's writing, Peter Wuebker's photography. These two get around.

8. Be Nurtured. Spirituality and mindful parenting, and a site that just exudes warmth and peace.

9. Learning to Love You More. Go get your assignment. (A great site for unschoolers, by the way.)

10. How to Save the World. Linked to in the text above but worth a second mention. I've been reading Dave for years. Go give him some love.

So there you have it: my Lemonade List. If your blog or site isn't on it, it's not because I don't love you, too. You can brag about your site in the comment section, and one of these days I'll update that woefully overlooked blogroll of mine and put you there, too.


  1. Well! I am thrilled to be in the company of Chris, Evelyn and Dave, the latter two being people who really shaped my view of what blogging can do and the first a shining example of taking the goddamn ball and running with it.

    As to your query about the energy, if you could see the vile state of my carpets and kitchen sink, or have overheard my sleep-deprived, crankyass convos with The BF of late, you would immediately understand.

    Last night I got 10 hours of sleep and I have a whole new perspective on priorities. This may result in reduced output, but certainly in a happier BF.

  2. Wow, my triiibal friend, thank you for the mention! We're thrilled to be included in such fine company! Lately I've been feeling like the only place we've been getting around is in my own mind, though. :D Unlike Chris Guillebeau who is non-conforming in Southeast Asia at the moment, the lucky dog. And Pace and Kyeli, who seem indefatigable. Aren't they awesome?

    I've been meaning to cull my reader in favor of quality additions. Thanks for the spur in that direction, too.

  3. @Colleen,vile carpets and crankyass convos aside, you still win the prize for my favorite get-off-your-ass-already blog.

    @Betsy, a wandering mind makes for great adventures, too. Triiibe on!

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog I feel honored that you added me to your list.


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