Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go Be Awesome

I'm writing a lot in longhand these days, scribbling in notebooks, making rambling lists, old ideas resurrected, new ones falling onto the page like embers from the campfires of the gods. I pull out journals from a year ago, two years ago, five. So many pages, all smelling of woodsmoke.

For the past two nights I've been watching the strange and poetic Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There, a film as inscrutible as a dozen Dylan songs. It has taken two viewings for it to come into focus for me, and I'll probably watch it at least once more before sending it back to the video store.

February: the inscrutible month.

So what will you do today? Will you go be awesome? Will you be remarkable?

Tell me how it goes. I'll be here, with all these pages, and all these bits of ash.


  1. I spent the day (the 19th) with a memory from four years ago. It was the last birthday my sister had before she died of cancer. We were in a car on a country road going to a friends house for a little celebration. She was sleeping a lot and very weak at that time. There was a persistent sound from the dashboard because her door wasn't shut properly. It began mid-trip; we were going around a curve (this turns out fine) and she opened the door and slammed it shut again matter-of-factly. The rest of us were stunned; it seemed like slow-motion. Finally, someone said, "You did good, Liz"
    Exactly four years ago. In four years it will be 2013. There will be lots of little, amazing situations where we all "did good".

  2. Can I use this please in my presentations?

    Educated, confident, creative people are dangerous to the status quo, dangerous to a centralized economy, dangerous to a centralized system of command and control. Those in power don’t want you educated. They want you schooled.

    Many thanks


  3. Dammit! Never leave a comment after a glass of whiskey. Hitting the return button becomes aautomatic.

  4. Ivor, quote the book all you like. Thanks for wandering over.



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