Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Notes to Myself and Others

Things often seem to take longer when you're doing them than when you look back in retrospect and realize what you actually accomplished in a (very) short period of time.

And then there are those things that seem to take a long time because they really do take a long time.

Life, for example. Life takes a long time.

In my house is a box of stuff that contains all the tangible relics of my teenage years. The other day as I worked my way through a closet full of crap I unearthed that box and spent a few minutes (okay, more than a few) poking through it.

I found old journals, newspaper photos, poetry, a scrap of paper with the guitar chords to Only Love Can Break Your Heart. I found notes from old friends and notes from a play I was in when I was 12. I found notes I'd made for a novel I began when I was 15 and never finished, the first of several such novels.

I found a suicide note, which reminded me that even though I chide myself for letting so many of my ideas fall by the wayside, it's probably a good thing I don't act on all of them.

It's good that life is long.

In addition to cleaning out closets and rearranging my life, I've been compiling a list of unschooling links for a new web project and in my gallivanting came upon the mother lode of unschooling blogrolls, courtesy of Frank and Ronnie Maier's Blog of the Zombie Princess. Go visit and scroll down the sidebar on the right to find almost fifty windows into the everyday lives of unschoolers. It's an awesome and inspiring sight.

Meanwhile, my unschooling manifesto has passed through a last round of design tweaks and edits and has gone to print. I'm looking at a release sometime after Dragonstar and I return from a mid-month trip to Tennessee. It feels like it's taking a long time to bring this project to completion, but when I look back through my notes, it's only taken six months.

Or a lifetime, depending on when I begin counting.

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  1. Congratulations.....and I know what you mean about life.


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