Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Things Get Quiet

A couple days ago my vacuum cleaner decided not to work anymore. Yesterday, my refrigerator quit.

Here is what I thought as I swept my floors and contemplated a fridge-free life: I could get used to this.

Late this afternoon, the power went out in my neighborhood. For about 30 minutes, everything inside and out was so very quiet.

I am re-reading Derrick Jensen's Endgame, the two-part, thousand-page exploration of civilization and its ravages.

Here is what I thought as I sat in the stillness, with the afternoon sun on the pages of my book: I could get used to this.

And: I will probably have to.

And: one way or another, it will be okay.


  1. That's my mantra, too: "It will be okay." Because it will.

  2. Yes. So often I worry and stress about what will or will not happen, so those moments of realizing that things will be okay just mean that much more.


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