Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's easy to love the autumn. Are you sighing with relief, too? It's been an unsettled year. Unsettled, unsettling. Summer brings out the worst in us, I think.

But now it's fall, when things come back down to the ground.

The other day I saw a squirrel going up a utility pole carrying an unshelled walnut as big as its head. Pretty adorable. The funny-looking winter squashes are in the supermarket, soup is on the menu again, pumpkins are showing up on porches.

It's all so reassuring.

Yes, yes, it's a passing thing. The arrival of autumn means winter is coming. And winter is a tougher love. But everything's a passing thing, and we'll get to winter in due time.

Meanwhile, leaves are falling, just like embers, as Rowland Salley wrote in "Killing the Blues," a great autumn song that doesn't have much to do with autumn beyond its opening line, but has everything to do with changes. John Prine does a great version. Shawn Colvin, too. (Robert Plant and Alison Krause, not so much.)

Anyway, autumn. The bittersweet season. Find some balance while you can.

That's all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arrr, The Day Be Sunny and Pleasin' to Me Eye

And if I had a sailing ship, I'd be on it, matey.

For those of ye needin' to tune up yer Pirate dialect, hoist yer main sails and set off for Savage Chickens for some Talk Like a Pirate Day chicken humor. Arrr.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Peek At My New Art Space

It's not very organized yet and everything takes three times longer than it should because I'm having to dig through boxes looking for that one thing I need that I know is in there someplace... but after working in the corner of my dining room for the past two years, it's groovy to have a bit of room to spread out.

Sprawl space.

I'm still calling it "the garage" tho. What's up with that? It's my s-t-u-d-i-o.

Lower right in the pic you'll see my new mosaic table. The tabletop -- standard white veneer over particleboard -- and its rusted chrome base came to me in two pieces from my very cool neighbor Vicky, who knew I liked playing with broken tiles. And I do. And I was delighted.

But then the thing sat on my carport getting cruddier and rustier through two winters and a summer before I finally got around to doing something with it. Now it's a table again. A pretty one, even.

The three book covers on the table are for art journals. They're recycled from kid's books. I rip the pages out and replace them with signatures of art paper and sketch paper and such. I've got a bunch of them to make for an upcoming art fair. It's taking me forever to get them done, once again because I'm looking high and low for that one dang thing I know I put away for exactly this purpose and now it's nowhere to be found.

O well.

This is me feeling very productive, nonetheless.

And how is your September going?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hello Random My Old Friend

Back from August hiatus. Stumbling into September, the awesome month of transformation, tipping into shadow with the equinox, the long slow in-breath of the coming winter.


I took a survey from my power company this morning. Would I be willing to spend $x to save $y? If only all of life's equations were that simple. We are in coal-burning country here. Lawmakers are beholden. Workers are beholden. Hell, we're all beholden.

Yes, I'd like to use less energy. Yes, I'd like a programmable thermostat that will display my cost-per-kilowatt. Yes, I'd like to have clean air and halt the progress of climate change. But the only number that will assure a no-emission future is zero. Everything else is just rearranging deck chairs.

Don't the umbrella tables look nice by the railing?

In the better-late-than-never department, I finally turned my garage into my art studio. It only took 18 months of procrastination and three days of "damn, there's a lot of junk in here."

What is it about getting started that is so difficult? Yes, yes, it's all in the physics. Overcoming inertia.

And laziness.

And mosquitoes. (Helpful tip: a garage fan works amazingly well.)

Reader, it's been a buggy month. Tiny mosquitoes everywhere. The little swallows that live in the apartment-on-a-pole by the river are pinwheeling about at sunset. They are a joy to watch. And they're eating well.

So there's that.

Speaking of September, there's a new unschooling carnival up at The Expanding Life. It's the Not-Back-to-School Edition. Good carnival. Good blog. Good life.

That's all.