Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the Ministry of Justice! No, It's an Art Space!

It's been gray here all week, so you can imagine my delight to get up this morning to a bright blue sky and sunshine.  The fact that it's 21 degrees is immaterial.  Sunshine!  Sunshine is good!

Yes, well.  Sunshine is lovely, even when it illuminates the layer of dust on nearly every surface in the room I'm in.  Hell, dust is lovely.  Have you ever noticed how sparkly it is?

That's because it's stardust.  As are we.  Of course.

* * * * *

Best blog quote I've read this week:
“You think you got problems?” My mom said to me. I don’t think I’d been complaining about a problem, just so you know, but anyway, “You think you got problems?” she said, “I’ve got a vegan coming to Thanksgiving dinner.”

* * * * *

News of the Week: Three friends of mine have rented studio space in what is without question the most impressive (domineering? ostentatious?) public structure in the little city downriver from my little town: the old courthouse that sits foursquare in what was once the center of the city.  It's that behemoth pictured above, a huge building built in the time when American cities created architectural homages to the Greeks and Romans, and it's been woefully underused since the '90s, when the entire city and county government moved itself to a new, far less impressive set of buildings a few blocks away.

There was talk last night, at my monthly book gathering, of developing an entire artist's colony in that impressive old building with its domed copper roof and surrounding expanse of green lawn just perfect for annual summer art fairs and plein air events.

And even though I've told myself I'm very much over the notion of working anywhere other than home, the talk kind of made me want to join the effort.  Kind of. 

The rents are ridiculously cheap.

It's the sort of thing I can talk myself into or out of, depending.

So we'll see.

* * * * *

Did I mention that it was very sunny today?

* * * * *

And Christmas is coming,  have you heard?  And Solstice.  And next week Dragonstar and I will be wandering south for a few days to spend time with unschooling friends, so I may or may not have something up for you between now and Christmas Eve.

Here's to maintaining some semblance of sanity and goodwill toward others in the meantime. 

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