Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random (with an Action Item)

We are surrounded by friends at a distance.

Dragonstar and I were imagining a perfect world, where everyone we loved lived within a four-hour drive.  Then I realized that things would get pretty crowded if that were to happen.  (And isn't that good to know?)

What we really need are transporters.  Like on Star Trek.  We already have the little communicator devices, and our laptops are much sleeker than anything that ever showed up in Picard's ready room. And the big-screen tv thing, check.  So why not transporters?  What's the holdup here?

We've never met in person, but unschooler and cafe owner Mary Gold is a friend.  She made the bracelet in the photo, and more like it, in memory of (and to raise memory for the husband and daughter of) Serenity Dixon, an unschooling mom and friend who lost her fight against cancer almost three weeks ago. Mary calls the bracelets Serenity Beads. I think she may have sold every last one of them, but you can check her blog to find out.

I have mine on my wrist as I type.

The mug, meanwhile, was created by local artisan Steve Herron and brought home (along with three of its siblings) by the BBPiT from a gig a while back.

The other day I was moodling around, thinking it might be interesting to do something with Mud River Press, the domain I created to serve as an imprint for 101 Reasons Why I'm an Unschooler.  Right now it's just a Blogger landing page with a link to the Lulu store.  But after Idzie put out her DIY ezine in December, it occurred to me that Mud River might serve a more useful purpose if it were to become a distro for unschooly stuff, books and ebooks and print zines and ezines created by unschoolers and unschooly types.  My thoughts are still in the "wouldn't it be cool to do this" stage -- pretty amorphous, in other words -- but the idea interests me, so I'll be thinking more about it.  And looking for feedback on the idea, if you've got any.  (This is the Action Item, for those of you who wondered. A request for comment, si vous plait.)

In other news...

Author Patti Digh is bringing a new book out this fall, and at least a couple unschoolers (me and fellow blogger Laura Flynn Endres) have submitted art to the publisher for possible inclusion.  Yes!  Laura is giving a talk at this year's Unschooler Winter Waterpark Gathering in Ohio, as is John Taylor Gatto.  I know a bunch of you will be hanging out at the Kalahari Resort next week, raising all kinds of hell your awesome unschooler kids in a spirit of freedom and exuberant exploration. 

Meanwhile, Dragonstar and I are saving our nickles for Spring ARGH.

Which is coming.  That dang groundhog says it's going to take its sweet time getting here, though. Good thing I got lots of fuzzy socks for Christmas this year.

Life is good.

That's all.

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  1. My opinion is yes, that would be MAJORLY cool!! :-D An unschooly distro would be great.

    Very cool that you've submitted art for that upcoming book, good luck for it being included!

    I'm one of the lucky peeps who's gonna be partying at the Kalahari this coming week (and partying before the Kalahari, since we're staying with friends for the first day and a half!). There are so many cool looking conferences, and it makes me sad that we don't have enough money to go to all of them!


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