Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weirdly Homesick

Dragonstar and I recently watched the Not Back to School Camp video by Allen Ellis that's been circulating on the web.  It made us both a little teary-eyed.

What I felt was something like a homesickness, the way an immigrant might feel for the Old Country.  Except in our case there is no Old Country.  Dragonstar hasn't been to NBTSC yet.  It didn't matter.  We watched it and knew it was part of us, and we were part of it.

If you follow my meaning.

Sometimes I think of our unschooling journey -- this big life we're part of -- as the opposite of a diaspora.  We start out all separated and find our tribe as we go along.  Like in The Stand.

I wonder where it will take us next.


  1. I ♥ this. :-)

    Allen was there filming for this lovely video this past September when I was at camp, and it was just so absolutely amazing to see the finished product. It's such a perfect slice of camp, and something I can watch anytime I need a reminder of what camp is...

  2. Beautiful video! Brought tears to my eyes, too.

    Over here in Switzerland, central Europe, unschooling is virtually impossible, and for the time being, it's only through avenues like this video that I can get a glimpse of what life could be like if it could be lived. The way it appears to me, people are so much more alive and so much more themselves if they're left to grow up in freedom. It's a different world altogether.

  3. Idzie: We saw you in the video. What a great souvenir.

    Niels: It truly is a different world, one my daughter and I are geographically separate from most of the time (tho not to the degree you are!) but always inhabit in our hearts.


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