Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does It Improve Upon the Silence?

Lately I've been inclined to say less and less about more and more.  

Maybe you've noticed.

It's not that I have suddenly decided my opinions don't matter.  (I actually decided that long ago.)  It's that I've taken a certain question to heart, and it's had a profound affect on my desire to say much of anything at all.  

A few weeks ago -- and don't ask me to be more specific because I'm too lazy to go back through my feed reader and find the post --  author and 37 Days blogger Patti Digh suggested that we consider this simple question before we speak: "Does it improve upon the silence?"

It occurred to me-- continues to occur to me -- that very little actually does.

What a revelation!

What a relief!

What a nice way to let you know I think I've said all I'm going to say here. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Enjoy the silence.  I will, too.


  1. Peggy - I was just re-reading your ETUSC post (which I LOVE, by the way)...and I found this entry on silence. An introverted girl like me can relate to this perfectly!!! Thank you for the reminder :)

    Jessica (Jones)(ETUSCIAN mom of Genevieve & Aurora)


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